The Kraftverlauf gripper – a game changer made in Germany

Kraftverlauf Engineering has developed a ground-breaking new gripper concept that will help shape the future of end effector applications.

In the course of their various projects, Jan and Christian have repeatedly encountered requirements for pick and place applications that simply cannot be met with the industry standard of existing end effectors, some of which are decades old. Modern sensor technology and computing power meet grippers that are technically mature, but are now completely incompatible with the possibilities of modern information technology.

It therefore made sense for Jan and Christian to look for a better solution themselves.  And indeed, thanks to concentrated engineering power, they soon came up with a convincing concept, for which a patent application was filed at the beginning of the year.

Thanks to its fundamentally new design, the gripper from Kraftverlauf Engineering offers numerous advantages and features.

– Sensor technology: The gripping mechanism is constructed with ball-bearing axes and the drives are equipped with speed sensors. This enables intelligent and feedback-supported gripping

– Gripping force to own weight to jaw stroke: The innovative concept allows an unrivaled ratio of the three values to each other.

– Assembly: The gripper can be easily manufactured using standard components and can be scaled as required

– Service life: Every movement runs via low-friction standard machine elements such as roller bearings and involute gears, which can be perfectly calculated in terms of load and service life

Several global players are already interested in the innovative gripper concept, so we will soon be able to report here on the launch of a globally available product.

Further information can be downloaded here.